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37th Annual Occupational Safety and Health Winter Institute

Laboratory Safety

This class has been cancelled.
  Hilton Daytona Beach Resort/Ocean Walk Village, Daytona Beach, Florida

Elective courseTechnician Certificate Program Elective
Tech exam is Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at 11:30 am. Please make travel plans accordingly.

Review Course for Chemical Hygiene Officer Exam

This course can serve as a review in preparation for the NRCC Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer Exam which will be proctored by UNC at the conclusion of the Laboratory Safety course. For additional information, visit To apply to sit for the exam, email Russ Phifer:

The laboratory safety course will cover the basic principles of biological, chemical, radiological, and physical safety practices within a laboratory environment. Although such training is required under the OSHA Laboratory Standard (29CFR 1920.1450) for all individuals who work in the laboratory, this course is primarily directed toward those individuals who have been entrusted with laboratory safety duties, e.g. chemical hygiene officers.

Course Faculty


Upon completion of this course the participants will understand the OSHA Laboratory Standard and how it relates to their specific requirements. They will be able to write a Chemical Hygiene Plan and implement it in their laboratory. They will be able to develop training programs and function as the chemical safety officer within their facility.


The course will discuss the content of the OSHA Laboratory Standard and its appendices related to laboratories and the following specific topics: chemical hygiene officer; chemical hygiene plan; roles and responsibilities for laboratory safety; chemical hazard identification; controlling chemical exposures; fume hood evaluations; information and training; emergency action plans; particularly hazardous substances; laboratory inspections and audits; MSDSs for the laboratory; nanotechnology; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees; NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines; CDC Select Agent Registration; waste management; radiation safety; and more.


ABIH Points: ABIH has previously awarded CM credit for this event. The current event contains 17.7 hours which can be claimed for CM credit. Get more information at the ABIH website.

BCSP Points: This course may qualify for BCSP Recertification points. See the BCSP Recertification Guide

Meeting Times

Course begins Monday, February 27, 2017, at 8:00 am and ends Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at 11:00 am.


$875, $925 after January 26, 2017.


This class has been cancelled.

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