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Environmental Technician Certificate Program

What is the Environmental Technician Certificate Program?

Good question! The North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Education & Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has designed and developed the Environmental Technician Certificate Program to recognize those individuals who have completed a selected set of requirements outlined for an Environmental Technician. Upon successful completion of two required courses and elective courses, a certificate program plaque will be awarded. The program requirements are listed below.

Supervisors, listen up! Have you ever had difficulty finding qualified Environmental Technicians, or do you feel that you must spend valuable time training new techs? Well this program should be of interest to you. The Environmental Technician Certificate Program is designed to provide an independent external assessment of technician expertise to assist you. In addition, the program gives you a wonderful opportunity to support your technician training. This is a great way to show your support for their efforts to improve environmental technician knowledge. So in essence, the program offers a win-win opportunity for both you (the Supervisor) and you (the Environmental Technician). The NC OSHERC will also bring the Environmental Technician Certificate program to your organization on a contract basis.


Program participants are required to obtain six credits through successful completion of two required courses and elective courses, and must pass an exam at the end of each course. Only courses offered at the North Carolina Annual Occupational Safety and Health Winter and Summer Institutes will be accepted as program credit.

Required courses

The following courses are required for the Environmental Technician Certificate:

Elective courses

The two remaining elective credits are chosen from the Institute class list. Any course designated as an elective may be chosen for the Environmental Technician Certificate Program. View our 2016 Summer Institute course listing.

An elective course may be used as credit in only one certificate program.


You must submit a Technician Certificate Application with the $150.00 application fee before you can be accepted into a certificate program and be eligible to sit for an exam. This application fee is a one-time fee and will apply to one or all of the certificate programs. An application form must be submitted for each certificate program. To submit an application, go to the registration page and click "Register."

More Information

If you would like information about the Environmental Technician Certificate Program, call the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Education & Research Center at 919-962-2101, Fax 919-966-7579, or email

Last updated 07/13/2016